Steve & Mary Prokopchak

A Pre and Post-Marital Mentoring Workbook

How does a couple know if God has called them to marriage? This manual, provocative by nature, is written to help couples build their foundation and grow their future marriage. Steve and Mary Prokopchak believe premarital counseling must be a time of searching and revealing hearts, sharing deep values, and being honest about themselves and their future. They have developed the contents of this manual over the past 25 years by working with hundreds of married and engaged couples.

Called Together is a unique couple-to-couple workbook to help prepare for a successful marriage union and is designed to be used by counselor mentors leading pre- and postmarital sessions with engaged couples. It provides everything needed to begin a great marriage: in-depth biblical counseling, worksheets to help share feelings, communication, financial planning, sexual relations, post-marriage checkups, and wedding tips.

Six Premarital Sessions

  • About Me: Taking an in-depth look at me.
  • About Us: Being honest about us.
  • Let’s Talk: What are the communication obstacles?
  • Finances: Is your budget realistic? What are your financial values?
  • Sexual Relations: Maintaining God’s gift within marriage.
  • Ceremony Planning: Putting it all together to become one.

Two Postmarital Sessions

  • Three Months: A 90 day check-up that reviews the first half of your premarital study along with all new three months questions and assignments.
  • Nine Months: Reviews the second half of your premarital study along with all new material and assignments.

Additional Addendums

  • When Christians Remarry: Content that helps tailor the material to the needs of couples that have been a part of a previous marriage.
  • Intercultural and Interracial Marriage: Additional content to tailor the material to the needs of couples different ethnic backgrounds.
  • When Seniors Remarry: Content to help tailor the material older couples entering in to a new marriage.

Also includes a Counselor’s Guide.

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Additional Resources

Mentors' Video Seminar

Preparing to be a mentoring couple? These videos offer valuable insights on how to draw a couple out so they can take a thorough look at themselves, their backgrounds and their future. Each of the six premarital chapters and two postmarital sessions are reviewed. Additional special sections are also covered: Remarriage, Intercultural and Interracial Marriage, and When Seniors Remarry.

Session 1: The art of couple-to-couple mentoring (43:12)

Session 2: Premarital Sessions 1 & 2 (29:25)

Session 3: Premarital Sessons 3 through 6 (38:13)

Session 4: Postmarital & Addendums (37:56)

Interactive Response Sheets (PDF)

Easily provide typed and emailable exercise responses to your mentoring couple using these free Called Together Response Sheets.

What others are saying about Called Together

"When it comes to marriage preparation, our society needs all the help it can get. Called Together offers a biblically based and Christ-centered manual that is sure to get plenty of couples started on the right foot."
Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott, Authors, Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts and Mentoring Engaged and Newlywed Couples

"Called Together is a practical, helpful and biblically based guidebook for preparing couples for marriage, as well as for helping them grow together in the first year of marriage. I recommend it highly."
Rev. Siang-Yang Tan, PhD, Senior Pastor, First Evangelical Church of Glendale, California & Professor of Psychology, Fuller Seminary